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Everybody loves music, right? I’ve had the privilege of photographing lots of musicians over the past few years - some commissioned and others more candid, some professional and others students. Among the galleries you’ll find The Dyadics, Three Cantors, Social Immunity, Denise Pelley, Trio Alla Grande, The Blake Ryan Duo, SHDHS Bands, The Gerald Fagan Singers, DuO Percussion, Mowgli, Lara St. John, Amity Beach, Article One, Danny Michel and Wayne Jackson to name a few. Clearly I like shooting all kinds of music from rock 'n' roll to choral!

Karen Brown Photography is proud to have been appointed official photographer to the
Bach Music Festival of Canada for the second time.

Oh, by the way ... you’ll also run across galleries of some well loved pets as well as a smattering of other things I’ve found interesting along my journey. Enjoy!

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